Newsprint / Newspaper

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Newsprint or newspaper scrap consists of newspapers as typically generated from news and curbside collections. It is biodegradable and recyclable as long as it does not contain any contaminants such as food materials, paints, body fluid (blood), oil or grease, and coffee. Newspaper can also be created from recycled papers multiple times.

Prohibitive Materials may not exceed: 1%

Total Outthrows may not exceed: 5%

Newspapers can be used to compose an organic garden as long as it is in clean and non-treated form. The dry material from newspaper will balance the green ratio which possesses carbon content and brown ratio that is nitrogen rich without contaminating the plant.

In addition, Newspaper can be used as a vermicomposting bedding material for worms to break down organic waste. Newspapers can also be used for many craft applications.

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