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Our platform provides various top-class recycled raw materials and industrial scrap across the world, ranging from ferrous metal, non-ferrous metal, paper, plastic, and rubber. We put priority in quality and effective supply chain solutions for our customers and create a seamless and secured recycling trade to ensure the fulfillment of our customers' satisfaction.

Our Top Scrap Materials

These are the most in-demand scrap material around the world
Iron and Steel Shredded Scrap

ISRI Code : 210, 211
Shredded Non-Ferrous Scrap (Aluminium Zorba)

ISRI Code : Zorba
Old Corrugated Cardboard / Containers (OCC)

ISRI Code : (11)
PET Flakes

ISRI Code : Flake
Tire Scrap

ISRI Code : TDM 2-A - TDM 12-C
(SS 304) Stainless Steel Scrap

ISRI Code : Pekoe, Pekoe
Clean Mixed Old Alloy Sheet Aluminium

ISRI Code : Taint/Tabor
Mixed Paper

ISRI Code : (54)

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