Old Corrugated Cardboard / Containers (OCC)

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Post-use corrugated packaging material is commonly known as “cardboard", while it is typically referred to as OCC. Corrugated cardboard can easily be recognized by its multiple layer structure; the fluted or wavy middle layer between sheets of paper keeps corrugated board light and gives it the strength to carry products. If OCC is kept dry and clean, recycling is straightforward as long as all non-paper materials such as bubble wrap, wood skids, plastic bags, plastic wrapping and Styrofoam are removed.

On average, a corrugated box contains roughly 50 percent recycled fiber. Around 51 percent of OCC is used to make new corrugated boards, while 11.5 percent is used for boxboard materials, such as cereal boxes. Around 32 percent of recycled OCC is exported.

Methods of Handling OCC

Before being placed in the storage containers, however, corrugated boxes should be opened and flattened. As well, harmful contaminants must be removed. This ensures better space utilization as well as that the material is clean and ready for recycling. Ensure that the container is accessible to haulers for pickup.

Consists of corrugated containers having liners of either test liner or kraft.

Prohibitive materials : ≤ 1%

Total outthrows : ≤ 5%

Old Corrugated Cardboard can be recycled to make a different paper products such as recycled paperboard, center fluting of corrugated boxes, and unbleached kraft paperboard.

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