(SS 316) Stainless Steel Scrap

Image of (SS 316) Stainless Steel Scrap
Common Name
200 Series Stainless Steel Scrap Solids, Pekoe
HS Code

Stainless steel 316 has higher nickel content than Grade 304, so it is generally more expensive. It contains 2-3% molybdenum. The addition of molybdenum provides pitting resistance in phosphoric acid, acetic acid and dilute chloride solutions and provides corrosion resistance in sulfurous acid. You can find this type of stainless steel from the medical industry, or in the high temperature aviation industry because of its durability and resistance to heat. AISI 316: 16% Chromium 10% Nickel

Stainless Steel Scrap is commonly used by recyclers to remake steel-based products. Products such as valves and pumps, industrial equipment and cookware can be manufactured with stainless steel scrap.

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