Cast Iron Scrap

Image of Cast Iron Scrap
Common Name
HS Code
252, 253, 254, 255, 256

Cast iron scrap is an iron alloy with a high carbon content that is easily corroded. This makes Cast Iron easier to rust. These types of scrap are available from heating systems, vehicle components and more. They are mainly found in the form of cast iron and pipes.

Based on the ISRI specification, cast iron scrap is classified into 15 classes. 

  • ISRI Code 252: Cupola Casting 
  • ISRI Code 253: Cast Cargo Box  
  • ISRI Code 254: Heavy and fragile casting 
  • ISRI code 255: hammer block or socket 
  • ISRI Code 256: Burnt Iron 
  • ISRI Code 257: Mixed Occupation 
  • ISRI code 258: the plate of stove, and clean cast iron stove 
  • ISRI Code 259: Clean Autocast 
  • ISRI Code 260: Unfixed Motor Block 
  • ISRI Code 261: Drop Broken Machine Cast 
  • ISRI Code 262: Clean automatic casting, no cracks, no degreasing 
  • ISRI code 263: clean cast iron, degreasing 
  • ISRI code 264: deformable 
  • ISRI code 265: broken parallel bars and stool 
  • ISRI Code 266: Unbroken Bar Forms and Stools

Cast Iron Scrap can be used for automobile and structural parts manufacturing.

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