No.2 Copper Wire Scrap

Image of No.2 Copper Wire Scrap
Common Name
No. 2 Scrap Birch, Copper Scrap Birch
HS Code

No. 2 Copper Wire should include miscellaneous, unalloyed copper wire with a nominal 96% copper content (min. 94%) as determined by electrolytic assay. Generally, any wire that is plated will fall into this classification. 


The difference between No. 2 Copper Wire and No. 1 Copper Wire is on the copper recovery rate where No. 2 Copper Wire recovers between 50% and 70% copper, while No. 1 Copper Wire has more than 70% recovery rate.


This type of Copper scrap has to be free of:

  • Excessively leaded, tinned, soldered copper wire
  • Brass and bronze wire
  • Excessive oil content, iron, and non-metallics
  • Copper wire from burning
  • Insulation
  • Hair wire
  • Brittle burnt wire
  • Ash


No. 2 Copper Wire and No. 2 Copper Solids and Tubing can be mixed using ISRI Code birch/cliff as per agreement.


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