Turning Scrap

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Common Name
HS Code
219, 220, 221, 222

Turning scrap is a waste material consisting of steel or iron that derives from a rotating cutting machine. According to ISRI Specifications, Turning Scrap is classified into four types of grades:

  • Machine Shop Turning [ISRI Code 219]: Consist of clean steel or wrought iron turnings which must be free of iron borings, non-ferrous metal in a free state, scale, or excessive oil. This type of Turning Scrap may not entail badly rusted or corroded stock.
  • Machine Shop Turnings and Iron Borings [ISRI Code 220]: The specification is equal with machine shop turnings, but with the addition of iron borings.
  • Shoveling Turnings [ISRI Code 221]: Contain clean short steel or wrought iron turnings, drillings, or screw cuttings. It may include any such material whether resulting from crushing, raking, or other processes. It must be free of springy, bushy, tangled or matted material, lumps, iron borings, nonferrous metals in a free state, grindings, or excessive oil.
  • Shoveling Turnings and Iron Borings [ISRI Code 222]: The specification is the same as shoveling turnings, except it includes iron borings.

Turning Scrap can be used for a variety of industrial purposes.

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